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Timber cubby houses handcrafted from recycled and sustainable wood. Quirky and unique our cubbies provide a safe place for children to play and explore their inner creativity. Based in Illawarra escarpment, NSW we deliver nationwide.
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Kool Kubbies Dion


Kool Kubbies was born from the love of restoring preloved timber and the need for personal creation (and outdoor play!)
With 20 years of carpentry under his belt – and his beloved sketchbook bursting at the seams, Dion knew his ideas would only ever be realised if he took a leap in faith and went solo. So he did. In Jan 2016, with a gentle nudge (elbow to the ribs) from his partner Beck, he stepped away from building and into his Wombarra workshop where, among other things, his first cubby house was brought to life.
Fast forward just four crazy-hectic-amazing months later and Kool Kubbies has become a recognised brand of quality workmanship and fun-quirky designs among Australian families.
Much of Dion’s inspiration is drawn from his surroundings – the intensity and vibrancy of the escarpment, the beaches, the surf and the carefree community culture of the northern suburbs.
He believes his cubbies nurture creative outdoor play and artistic development by providing children with time and space.
“Youngsters need time away from adults to express themselves in child-led, imaginative and liberating outdoor play. They need space to make a mess, reflect and share secrets leading to social and emotional wellbeing.”
We, Dion (the creator), Laela (the little fur baby), and me Beck (everything in between) absolutely love our work and what Kool Kubbies represents. We can’t wait to bring this energy into your home!