Terms and Conditions - Kool Kubbies
We deliver nationwide. All of our cubbies are unique, fun and safe
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Kool Kubbies Terms
Terms and Conditions

Pricing does not include delivery or installation unless otherwise stated on this website.


No two cubbies are the same due to the nature of the timber that we use – reclaimed and recycled with varying degrees of fading and wear.


The following additional delivery and installation fees apply:

1 – Delivery

As delivery rates are subject to distance, please contact us to discuss your delivery options.


Please notify us of any difficult access to your property (e.g. stairs, gates, long distances from transport to installation area etc.) prior to delivery as this may incur an additional fee or equipment.


All delivery dates are subject to change due to delays on prior installations, weather, manufacturing issues or time delays in general.


If you choose to collect the cubby from our workshop, you are responsible for the safety of delivering the cubby to the designated address.  Kool Kubbies is not responsible for damage caused to the cubby or persons once leaving the workshop and/or during transit.


1.1. Interstate Freight

Kool Kubbies uses a number of furniture removalists and freight carriers for interstate freight. We appreciate that delivery costs can be expensive and varied so we will provide you with a couple of options. When your cubby is delivered you will pay the freight company direct. Kool Kubbies do not accept any responsibility for damage to freight or persons once the cubby has left our workshop. Kool Kubbies cannot guarantee the exact time and day of arrival of the cubby. The cubby will be delivered within reasonable distance from the delivery vehicle.

2 – Installation

We take great pleasure in being able to personally install our Kool Kubbies at a small additional fee. Unfortunately, due to travel/time constraints we are unable to extend the love far beyond the backyards and playgrounds of our neighbourly suburbs, Wollongong, Nowra, Macarthur, Sydney, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands. In this instance, you the customer (and a mate, preferably with carpentry skills!) are likely to be responsible for the installation of your cubby.   Please get in contact with us, we may be able to come to an arrangement based on our current workload.


Kool Kubbies will not send an installer in wet weather. If the weather on day of scheduled installation is wet, another suitable day will be arranged. Please ensure you have a level platform on which to place the cubby. We suggest a concrete or solid treated timber base if possible (but not essential). We do not remove trees, bushes, debris or other prohibiting objects. We do not remove rubbish (other than our own) that is created during installation.


It is your responsibility to advise the installer on the day if you are not happy with the installation of the cubby prior to the installer departing your premises.
Kool Kubbies do not hold any responsibility for installations undertaken by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to take all safety measures whilst assembling the cubby and ensuring that the cubby is installed correctly and secured for its intended use.


We are available via email or phone/facetime to assist with installation. We recommend using a carpenter to assist with the installation. When completing do-it-yourself projects around the home, remember that safety comes first.

3 – Cubby Care

Whilst every effort is made by Kool Kubbies to ensure our products are sealed, we do not take responsibility for any form of moisture, weathering or deterioration to the interior or exterior of any of our products. Unless otherwise stated, cubbies will be supplied in their raw form (oiled where necessary). It is the responsibility of you, the owner to paint stain or oil the cubby (twice per year) to help maintain and extend its longevity.


Cubbies are an outdoor product and are not manufactured to residential housing standards.  As timber is a natural product it may warp, split, splinter, shrink and/or fade over time (that’s the beauty of it!).  Kool Kubbies do not take responsibility for any form of these natural anomalies.  Natural and preloved timbers are used on all Kool Kubbies some of which contain knots and dents. They are a natural part of the timber and structurally fit for purpose.


We recommend storing the cubby in a dry place where it is protected from the weather until it can be painted, stained or oiled.

4 – Warranty

Kool Kubbies offer a 12 month warranty on all external timbers.  In order to validate this warranty, the cubby must be correctly painted, stained or oiled as soon as it is received. Kool Kubbies will need to see pictures or video of the entire exterior structure showing date of painting, staining or oiling.


Kool Kubbies offer no form of warranty on the timber or part thereof after 12 months.


All warranties are void should there be evidence of equipment misuse or it is clear that the cubby has not be installed correctly based on our advice. Damage from vandalism, alterations or additional DIY (e.g. installation of shelves or other objects on the exterior or interior) is not covered.

5 – Child Safety

Kool Kubbies take safety very seriously.  Children must be supervised by an adult at all times whilst playing in any of our products. The supervising adult takes full responsibility whilst overseeing the safe play on any of our products. Kool Kubbies are recommended for ages 3 years and above.


Due to the nature of our products, there may be rough or splinted edges that require sanding with sandpaper. Kool Kubbies take no responsibility for injury, accident or death caused whilst using any of our products.


Children should avoid wearing loose fitting clothing or clothing that may be caught or entangled.


Make bi-monthly checks for cracks, splinters or sharp edges. Sand away splinters and fill in cracks with silicon before play.

6 – Council Requirements

Kool Kubbies take no responsibility for council approval, it is you, the owners responsibility to check with your local council if permission is required to install a cubby. We also recommend consulting your neighbours who may be affected by the structure particularly if it exceeds 3.3m high.  Ensure the structure is installed a minimum of 1m from all neighbouring boundaries.

7 – Payment

In order to purchase a cubby a 50% non-refundable deposit of the advertised price (displayed on this website) must be paid to Kool Kubbies. Upon receipt of this non-refundable deposit a build date will be issued. Full payment is required to reach us by the build date given.


Failure to pay on time will result in your cubby being late or possibly cancelled at Kool Kubbies discretion.


Unless otherwise stated, the advertised cubby price does not include delivery, installation or optional accessories.


7.1 Payments via PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, over the phone and Cash

Customer details and orders will be kept confidential at all times. All prices are quoted in Australian dollars. Advertised prices are exclusive of GST. Payments via PayPal incur a 1.9% fee. Credit/Debit cards over the phone incur a 2.9% fee. Added fees (e.g. delivery, installation, optional add-ons) can be included into your invoice or sent in a separate invoice.


If you have an issue with your payment, please log in to your PayPal account to view the payment details. We also accept cash and bank transfer as our preferred payment option as there are no fees involved.


7.2 Layby

Please contact us to discuss layby options.

8 – Returns Policy

Except where goods delivered are not in accordance with your order or our specification, the return of goods for credit is at our absolute discretion.